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about us

Everything starts in 1984, when we established our company Center Gomma srl, in Italy, in The Marches. Since then we have always worked with rubber. Later, our efforts were globally acknowledged and we became an international reference point in the compound sector. With a peculiarity: we produce new compounds by recovering the “pre-consumer” ones discarded during the tyre production phases.

Yes. We have been in the recycling field for nearly 40 years. We create “secondary raw material” from “discarded raw material”. The aim is to make people understand the importance and priority of recycling in order to avoid the frantic exploitation of the planet's resources.

Visionaries? Maybe. In 2019 we grew fond of the idea to do even more: bring back “the waste to the shop window”. Influenced by our young company collaborators, we researched a new composition for a compound that would be wearable. We spent months verifying, with the aid of local craftsmen, the workability of the newly formed material. Soon after we executed the tests to obtain its patent.

We gave birth to CUMMIS®, an ecological rubber sheet which represents a valid alternative (100% Animal free) to leather and hide derived from animal slaughter. A new eco-friendly solution able to maintain the incredible characteristics of resistance, durability and elasticity specific to a tyre. All this with full respect for environment and people's health, making this innovative material perfectly compliant with the European regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals).

We established our market thanks to the green communities and to the resellers “of the future”, focused on recycling. We now offer motorbike bags, musical instrument cases, shoes, fashion and office accessories. Everything made of CUMMIS® by the Roy Rebel® brand.

Nowadays, conveying our ethic “waste back to shop window” means Re-creating a sustainable future, together.

We believe. Re-Do for the future.

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