Roy Rebel. Re-Do for the future. Together.

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We challenged ourselves to restore a planet liveable for the next generations. We recycle 40 tons of “pre-consumer” compounds every day, by transforming them into “raw-secondary materials”. This allows us to give a new shape to waste, creating products with an innovative, versatile and environmentally friendly material.
Developing a sustainable economy in an intelligent and creative way means achieving the virtuous Re-cycling to minimize the exploitation of the planet's resources.

From landfill, to innovation.

Roy Rebel. Re-do for the future. Together.

Company values


Waste: a resource for the future
We constantly strive to reduce the use of raw materials and above all to revalue tons of industrial production waste.

Re-Do for the future. "Waste back to shop window"
"Waste back to shop window" means for us to spread the ethics of Re-creating a sustainable future together.


“Addicted” to the circular economy
Partaking, recycling and sharing are the keys for change.

“Guilty”of the Animal Free Fashion spirit
We firmly believe that it is a moral duty to respect the environment and not to exploit the creatures that inhabit it.


Take a look at the real Made in Italy!
We produce exclusively with Italian artisans and designers known throughout the world for their high manufacturing quality.

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