Story of a Roy Rebel product

The recycling of tyre production waste compounds and its transformation into highly functional CUMMIS® sheets takes place in Center Gomma’s processing site, in Italy, more precisely in The Marches.
We refer to “pre-consumer” compounds, which are those yet unused because they are production wastes. Recycling stages are quite complex, though the expertise developed in 40 years of business push the company to always research new solutions. Our goal is to allow people to understand the importance of using more and more “secondary raw materials” in order to avoid the excessive exploitation of the planet’s resources and grant the sustainability of the production chain.
The ROY REBEL brand originates in 2018 from Center Gomma’s idea of reusing creatively the compounds transformed into CUMMIS® to create bags, shoes, backpacks and many other everyday accessories.
Our motto is “WASTE BACK TO SHOP WINDOW”. This is what we like to convey.

Stage 1: COMPOUNDS RESEARCH. The hard work

Organizing the many compounds which come from the biggest tyre production companies’ processing sites is a “great labour”. In these compounds we can find various materials such as steel, friction cord, nylon, teflon, incomplete tyres and unsuitable ones. Trucks from all around the world daily drop by our site and deliver lots of containers full of black rubber. Black as the night.


The discarded compounds arrive daily at the factory, eager to receive a new chance...


We don't make them wait long before the transformation in order not to risk losing their incredible physical properties.

Stage 2: COMPOUNDS SELECTION. The secret

In Center Gomma 50 workers analyze, split and process 40 tons of “pre-consumer” compounds per day to turn them into “secondary raw materials” to redistribute around the world. ROY REBEL technicians work in the sector responsible for the production of CUMMIS® sheets, patented and acknowledged as innovative material in 2020, and execute the control operations to verify resistance and reliability of the product for the next processes.


All compounds are identified, tested and subsequently matched with each other to compose the "recipe" of the exclusive CUMMIS.


Quality control certifies the compliance standards of the characteristics that CUMMIS must have in order to satisfy the requirements of the product to be manufactured.

Stage 3: VULCANIZATION. The magic

What happens in the last processing phase of CUMMIS® makes us understand the magic of recycling. The sheet comes out as large as a poster, soft as leather, black as only elegant things can be, imbued with a sweet smell of vanilla. CUMMIS® is ready to be molded.


The vulcanization phase makes the new compound irreversible. The CUMMIS sheet, “black as the night”, is ready to be worked.


New techniques applied to this process make it possible to create colored CUMMIS sheets that make eternal the products’ customization of UNICA...

Stage 4: DESIGN. The ideas

Creating bags, shoes, backpacks or other with a material known only by few people is stimulating, because you have to make it clear that it is not leather, it is not imitation leather, it is not plastic, it is CUMMIS®. Completely different from animal-derived leather, CUMMIS® requires intuition, experience and dexterity to create unique products that can be replicated. A job that each employee carries out with the awareness of contributing to the safeguard of our planet.


CUMMIS is a complex and innovative compound. Designing new applications for an elastic, resistant and recycled material is stimulating and challenging.


Experience and technology allow us to optimize production waste even in this phase.

Stage 5: PRODUCTION. “The waste returns to the shop window”

Center Gomma not only does recycle compounds, but develops ideas. We entrust the task of creating final products to local partners. Their creative genius and high quality are well known and appreciated by the fashion world. Contractors are able to perfect every detail. Production is done. All products return to the company for the accurate control phases.


ROY REBEL products are made in Italy, in The Marches, where the manufacturers are renowned and appreciated all over the world.


We create every detail with extreme care to convey passion to the customer, by communicating our love for the planet.

Finally a ROY REBEL product is born. As promised, "the excluded initial waste" acquires a new shape and surprisingly returns to the shop window.

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