The first Green step in the world of Stuntmen

We often talk about the importance of circular economy and cooperation to achieve and share the goal of environmental sustainability.

To accomplish this any step towards the goal is fundamental. The guys from “Stuntmen Show Production” of Mirabilandia park really nailed this concept. In addition to performing and doing spectacular stunts for the entertainment of thousands of people, they do it with sustainable shoes.

By recently testing our Re-Road High, they took the first green step in their world.

Here’s their feedbacks in the following videos:

"Stunt Riders have tried these shoes on. They find them amazing. I wanted to try them on, too. I have noticed that they have a good grip on the car pedals, even if they were not born as drifting shoes. I like them very much and I think everyone should try them."

"I like Roy Rebel shoes to drive my motorcycle. Thanks to the good sole, we can feel the brake pedal better when braking. These shoes protect the feet and also have a strong grip. I find the idea of reusing rubber waste to make a final product as those shoes very beautiful and of great importance for the future."

"I use these shoes because they are comfy and I feel good with them. The material protects my feet and it allows a good grip on the brake and gear lever, and also on the other motorcycle parts where we perform our tricks, for example on the back or on the tank. I also like them because they keep my feet dry, especially during summer. I like that feeling. ."

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